Monday, February 29, 2016

Kellers ARCS Model of Learning Motivation

Kellers ARCS Model of Learning Motivation: ... how to create lessons and tailor teaching to produce motivation in the ... A teacher should make steps to learning (like scaffolding) to help them succeed ...

Alas, I did not learn everything in grad school. You must keep on learning all the time, and one of my fellow instructional designer / technology geek girls shared her knowledge of ARCS with me. I love that it integrates Attention and Relevance as essential to learning. This slide show is a nice introduction to anyone who wants to teach something.

Dividing the Workload

Dividing the Workload

A manager, teacher, supervisor of any kind who does not know how to divide workload can ruin the productivity of those they employ if they cannot determine optimal levels of productivity. When it is so hard for us to self-report accurately as human, how can we hope to learn how to do it for others with trial and error.