Saturday, September 29, 2012

Freestyle Language Center

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Social Learning in person.  In Houston, they have Spanish over Coffee.  Here we have Freestyle Language Center. After having studied Spanish for 5 years, I could read novels in Spanish and write book reports, but I couldn't speak it. After 4 mos. in Italy, I was fluent conversationally, especially one-on-one, but struggled with composition, reading literature, and group conversations.


FLC said...

Hi, it's Freestyle, we'd like to thank you about mentioning us, we are happy you are having a positive experience! Are you one of our current students? We couldn't find your name :) Merci!

FLC said...

Hi, this is Freestyle, just wanted to say thanks for the mention, and we're happy for your positive experience! Are you a current student of ours? We couldn't find a name :) Merci!

JLF said...

No, but I think informal practice is extremely useful in learning a language.