Saturday, September 22, 2012

Learning and Acoustics

Why Architects Need to Use Their Ears

This TED talk highlights an important aspect of communication and learning. As an ID for a call center, I'm always amazed how different our audio "scenarios" are from the real world of the call floor.

Even when I listen to calls for coaching, you come to truly appreciate how difficult clear communication is over distances with background noises.  It's funny, because I remember the original "open" classroom movement; in fact the elementary school in our neighborhood is vintage 70s school design with classrooms grouped together and separated only by moveable partitions around a center activity area where bigger groups can work together.   I believe in all of the upper grades, most of the partitions have been replaced by walls, for many reasons.

Unfortunately too often we ignore the central fact of learning and communication -- a message must be heard to be understood. Now say hooray for a moment of silence.

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